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Forum: Student's WaterCooler

Discuss music, movies, parties...and anything you like...
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No New Posts You now have ur BB...what's next?? (Preview) Keysian 2 497
No New Posts Mr. President..."I'm tired of defending you" (Preview) Keysian 1 379
No New Posts This guy is on his way to being the next stand up KING OF COMEDY (Preview) Keysian 1 358
No New Posts Nominate the Internet for the Nobel Peace Prize... (Preview) Keysian 0 354
No New Posts Google Instant, now Youtube Instant! (Preview) Keysian 0 382
No New Posts Always wondered what those darn football signals meant... (Preview) Keysian 0 561
No New Posts T.I. interview about life in jail...he may be headed back soon!!! (Preview) Keysian 0 563
No New Posts New BMWs To Sport Apple Interface (Preview) Keysian 1 584
No New Posts The Samsung Galaxy...the iPad killer? (Preview) Keysian 1 598
No New Posts Facebook building a phone....hmmm!!! (Preview) Keysian 1 530
No New Posts South Americans creates dance...does it make it? (Preview) Keysian 2 377
No New Posts A great reason to study in New Zealand! (Preview) Keysian 3 1198
No New Posts That's me scoring the touch down! (Preview) Keysian 2 599
No New Posts Smallest cow in the world! (Preview) Keysian 3 351
No New Posts 20 BABYMAMAS ATTEND MAN'S FUNERAL (Preview) Keysian 1 375
No New Posts Natalee Holloway's mother sneaks into jail... (Preview) Keysian 1 343
No New Posts Could you take acid to your own face? Watch!!! (Preview) Keysian 1 345
No New Posts CEO sold company for usd1 Billion plus now works for usd36,000 per year...hmm!! (Preview) Keysian 1 347
No New Posts Octomom offered porn deal!!! (Preview) Keysian 1 584
No New Posts Sidibe's pic gets a makeover...what was Elle thinking? (Preview) Keysian 3 362
No New Posts Barbados PM has Cancer! (Preview) Keysian 2 2217
No New Posts Arrow is dead! (Preview) Keysian 2 333
No New Posts No look goal...goalkeeper and defenders fall asleep...must be!!! (Preview) Keysian 2 677
No New Posts Top sprinter drugged against will... (Preview) Keysian 0 540
No New Posts IE 9 Released! (Preview) Keysian 0 325
No New Posts Ponzi Schemer gets 23 years...David Smith of Olint fame will soon get his day! (Preview) Keysian 0 445
No New Posts What is a shooting star? (Preview) Keysian 0 703
No New Posts Toddler dances up a storm on Youtube! (Preview) Keysian 0 1212
No New Posts Montana Fishbourne headed to rehab! (Preview) Keysian 4 548
No New Posts It happened for real! (Preview) Keysian 1 1214
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